Relax And Get The Treatment You Need With Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry has changed the dental experience for patients with dental anxiety, fear or who are about to undergo complex procedures. At Wilmington Family Dental in Wilmington, three popular sedation methods have emerged: IV sedation, oral sedation, and inhaled sedation.

What are the different types of sedation?

IV Sedation:

Intravenous (IV) sedation involves administering sedative drugs through a vein, inducing a deep state of relaxation. This method is highly effective and allows our dentist to adjust the sedation level during the procedure. IV sedation ensures you are conscious but dream-like, minimizing discomfort and anxiety. It is often used for complex or lengthy procedures. The benefits include faster onset and recovery time, accurate dosage control, reduced awareness, and improved dental experience.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation involves the administration of sedative medication in pill or liquid form. It is prescribed before the dental appointment, allowing you to reach a calm and relaxed state. Oral sedation induces moderate sedation, where you remain conscious but experience reduced anxiety and discomfort. This method is suitable for patients with mild to moderate dental anxiety. The benefits of oral sedation include ease of administration, minimal invasiveness, and a sense of tranquility.

Inhaled Sedation

Inhaled sedation, commonly known as nitrous oxide or "laughing gas," is a popular method of mild sedation. It involves inhaling a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen through a mask, inducing a euphoric, calming effect and reducing anxiety while enhancing comfort. One of its significant advantages is its rapid onset and quick recovery time. Inhaled sedation is safe, easily adjustable, and allows you to drive home after the procedure. It is suitable for patients with mild dental anxiety, pediatric patients, and individuals with sensitive gag reflexes.

Whether undergoing complex procedures or managing dental anxiety, these sedation methods provide numerous benefits. Contact us today to determine which sedation option is best suited to your needs.


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