Dental Crown & Bridge From Your Dentist in Wilmington

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  • Improve your smile
  • Fill gaps that missing teeth leave behind
  • Rejuvenate and strengthen teeth that are damaged and worn
  • Protect teeth surrounding a missing tooth
  • Maintain face shape after tooth extraction.

Designed to fill spaces left behind by missing teeth while also improving chewing functionality, dental crowns and bridges placed by Wilmington Family Dental in Wilmington are restorative dental procedures that can instantly rejuvenate your smile.

What is a crown?

Designed to cover, protect, and reinforce a damaged tooth by maintaining its size, strength, shape, and appearance, dental crowns serve as anchors for a dental bridge and are often made with porcelain or ceramic materials that closely resemble the shade of your natural teeth. Additionally, they can also be placed on top of a dental implant to recreate the look of a natural tooth, restoring functionality to the area.

What is a bridge?

Simply put, a dental bridge is a prosthetic device that fills the gap a missing tooth (or teeth) leaves behind, adding a functional and aesthetic correction to the area.

Made from materials like porcelain, porcelain-fused metals, silver, or gold, the bridge is anchored to dental crowns on one or both sides of the gap, with a replacement prosthetic tooth (also called a pontic) filling in the gap. Once positioned and secured, the bridge is cemented in place.

How long does a crown & bridge last?

With diligent at-home dental care, these devices can last a lifetime!

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