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An ideal orthodontic treatment for those looking to straighten their teeth without being conspicuous about it, the Invisalign orthodontic system features a series of clear, customized aligner trays that gradually reposition your teeth while also promoting optimal oral health.

What is the process of Invisalign treatment in Wilmington

Unlike traditional braces, non-invasive Invisalign aligners gradually straighten teeth and correct bite issues using sets of removable clear plastic trays that are created with 3D digital scans. The aligner trays must be worn for approximately 22 hours of the day, being removed only for meals and when brushing and flossing teeth. Aligners should also be brushed and rinsed to remove any food particles or bacteria buildup.

Each aligner is worn for an average of one to two weeks, after which time you’ll need to visit the dentist for an updated version.

Do I wear Invisalign aligners for the same amount of time I’d wear traditional braces?

In many cases, no. For smiles that require mild straightening, Invisalign aligners can finish the job in as little as six months while more complicated adjustments will require more time.

How does the expense of Invisalign treatment in Wilmington compare to that of traditional braces?

Some people assume that the convenience and aesthetic benefits Invisalign in Wilmington offers translates into a higher overall cost, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Depending on your unique situation, the cost of Invisalign aligners can be similar to that of conventional braces.

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  • Straighten your smile
  • Correct bite issues
  • Avoid the discomfort of wearing traditional braces
  • Maintain your confidence while undergoing orthodontic treatment
  • See smile transformation results sooner!

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