Oral & IV Sedation From Your Dentist in Wilmington

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  • Help calm fear and anxiety about dental visits
  • Schedule multiple treatments at once
  • Prioritize and maintain your oral health
  • Diagnose and treat problems before they become serious issues
  • Choose the sedation option that’s best for you.

While dental anxiety is an extremely common condition affecting approximately 36 % of the US population, it need not prevent you from seeking out quality dental care. Our highly skilled team at Wilmington Family Dental in Wilmington offers oral and IV sedation to patients for a variety of treatments, allowing us to ensure that you’re comfortable and relaxed while receiving exemplary care.

How does oral sedation work?

With a range of dosage options available, patients utilizing oral sedation take a pill approximately an hour before their treatment or procedure. While a small dose causes minimal drowsiness, patients remain alert and are able to respond to questions. Patients who prefer a moderate level of sedation are given a larger dose, and are likely to become groggy or to fall into a light sleep during their treatment.

How does IV sedation work?

Administered through an IV into a patient’s vein, this level of sedation is fast-acting and, depending on the treatment and comfort level of the patient, can be added to or minimized by the dentist to best suit the patient’s needs.

Remember: Our priority at Wilmington Family Dental is to provide the careful, dedicated dental care each patient needs to build and maintain their healthy smile. If you’re wondering if sedation options are right for you, call us today!